Doodle Card #501 – Stay Awake


We feel like we wake up every day, but that might not always be true.

We often get trapped by the past or worry about the future, instead of focusing on what we can do now.

We often stick to “I’ve got to,” instead of pursuing “I get to.”

We often regret what we’ve lost, instead of being grateful for what we have now.

These are all the signs that we don’t live the present moment; we’re just daydreaming.

Wake up and live now to the fullest. That’s the only way to turn your dream into reality.


What’s your personality?


What’s your real personality?

It’s not something you can define by personality tests or astrology. There are more than 7 billion people on this planet, and there is no way to categorize their personality into 12 types, or even 100 types.

When you see people, especially yourself, don’t oversimplify. People (and you) are much more complicated—and therefore interesting and amazing—than you think.