Doodle Card #491 – Learn & Practice


Learn and practice.


Learning is fun. It makes us feel like we are getting smarter, and it actually does.

But that’s the only one side of the equation. Your learning has real meaning only when you put it into practice.

Some people say that experience without learning is better than learning without experience. Wrong. Both are equally insufficient.

Don’t be afraid to put your learning into practice. The expert in anything was a once a beginner; no one starts off being excellent. Take one step further every day.

Don’t be lazy to learn. True wisdom only comes from the combination of experience and learning. Take one step further every day.


Doodle Card #490 – Make It Simple


Make it simple.


Pursuing simplicity is not always easy. We tend to set a low bar for simplicity and try to achieve it quite easily.

Simplicity is not removing or reducing things. Or having few things. Any fool can do that. Simplicity is the residue of deep thinking over complete chaos; it can’t be achieved without focusing on the essentials.

Don’t cut corners on simplicity.


Doodle Card #489 – Time > Money


Time > Money.


Even if you lose money, you can earn it back. But if you waste your time, you can never get it back, even when you have billions of dollars. It’s clear that time is much more important than money.


What do you think if a complete stranger asks you, “Can I have a bit of your time?” And what if a total stranger asks you, “Can I have a bit of your money?” Which one sounds weird?

Some people don’t care about wasting other’s time, even though they are mature enough not to spend other’s money. We better stay away from the people who waste our time, whatever it takes—we can’t lose the most precious resource of our life.


Doodle Card #488 – Sleep Tight


Sleep tight.


Work hard, play hard. And don’t forget to sleep well—otherwise, you’ll die.

Don’t think about negative things before you go to sleep. That just leads you to insomnia.

Having enough sleep solves many problems. Don’t even try to spend less time sleeping to do something else; that’s the loser’s game.


Doodle Card #487 – Imagine & Create


Imagine & create.


“We live in the condensation of our imagination.” — Terence McKenna

Your imagination determines your creativity.

As long as you imagine, you might as well imagine big. What’s your wildest dream? Or dreams?

You wouldn’t make them real if you didn’t chase them. Imagine big, and take your first step toward it. Keep working on it. You’ll be surprised by what you create a year later.