Doodle Card #506 – Plateau


When you start something new, you make progress—then, sooner or later, you feel like hitting a plateau. It’s inevitable.

Hitting a plateau, however, is not a bad thing. It’s a clear sign that you’ve made significant progress so far. You just need something different—an idea, approach, or mindset—to go further.

Remember that hitting a plateau is also part of your long-term progress. No matter what you do—growing your business, losing weight, building relationship, you name it—don’t stop. Keep learning, and do experiments.

There is no limit to your progress. It ain’t over till you stop working on it.


Doodle Card #505 – Success


What ‘success’ means varies from person to person. Your definition of success doesn’t have to be the same as the one of someone else.

The way to reach success also varies from individual to individual. Something that worked for someone else won’t always work for you.

One important point to remember: each one of us is on the way to success, no matter what it means or how we get there. There is no need to compare yours with others. Go your own way. Believe it and never stop taking actions.


Doodle Card #504 – Morning & Night


The morning will come, even if you don’t believe it coming. It might be a sunny, cloudy, or rainy morning, but you can make it great if you choose to.

The night will come, even if you don’t want it to come. You will be surrounded by darkness, but you can always find a light—or create one yourself—in the dark.

External things change over time; it is up to you how to perceive your surroundings.


Doodle Card #503 – Eat Well, Live Well


“Eat well, live well” – This is the tagline of one of the Japanese food companies. Ironically enough, this company produces MSG.

If we want to eat healthily, we can’t rely on large food companies or national grocery stores. With the right knowledge, we have to find healthy ingredients.

Commercials and advertisements can be a con game. What we can always rely on are our intelligence and judgment.


Doodle Card #502 – Think vs Take Action


When we overthink, it often prevents us from taking actions.

It’s not always a bad thing. For example, if you want to stop an impulsive purchase, force yourself to write down all options for the item you want to buy. Once you start listing them, you would think, “Well, it might not be the right time to buy this stuff. Let’s stop working on this boring task and do something else.”

That is one of the weird ways how our brain works. Too much thinking and planning often take away your brain power to take actions.

So don’t think too much when you want to do something good for you. Figure out one action, and do it impulsively. Keep focusing on the most important thing without overthinking. Then you’ll gain momentum very quickly.