Doodle Card #112 – Catch & Incubate Your Crazy Ideas

Catch and incubate your crazy ideas.


Catch and incubate your crazy ideas.


While I’m sleeping, a lot of ideas come up.

If I don’t jot them down, those ideas are gone. I can hardly recall them. So I always have a small notebook or an iPhone on the bedside.

Even when I write down the ideas, it’s hard to understand what they are. Too abstract. Too ridiculous. Too impractical. Sometimes I can’t even recognize the language I used to take notes.

But that’s okay. That’s how our subconscious is. If we catch a piece of our crazy thoughts in any way, it starts growing. Someday it might become a great idea. Or might remain silly as it originally was.

The only way to generate a great idea is to keep generating ideas. No matter how silly they are. Just keep going.


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