Doodle Card #101 – Come Out Of Ignorance

Come out of ignorance.


Come out of ignorance.


Discrimination and stupidity come from the same root: ignorance.

I used to work for a company that is sales-oriented. Non-sales employees were discriminated. Lower pay, less recognition, and less chance for promotion. My job responsibility at the company was for accounting and finance. As one of non-sales employees, I felt I was always treated unfairly. Quite often, I actually was. I quit.

A few years later, I got a job of a business development manager. It was not a sales job, but one of the profit centers of the company. The problem is, the company was finance-oriented. I was regarded as a nuisance by the financial department. I was okay as I got used to be treated unfairly. I left the company by other reasons.

In Japan, there is discrimination in workplace. Job type. Age. Gender. Academic background. Nationality. Disability. People who discriminate against others don’t recognize the opportunities they are missing. They lack a holistic view. That’s why many Japanese companies lose momentum.

When we feel we are right, ask ourselves: From other people’s point of view, what am I missing? It helps us get out of the trap of ignorance.


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