Doodle Card #107 – Go Beyond Social Norm


Go beyond social norm.


“I think he is smarter than you.”

One of my ex-bosses always rated people based upon the college they graduated. According to his criteria, I was a B-class. Then he considered me as a piece of sh*t when I left the company.

People evaluate you on their criteria. They don’t value or care about you if you don’t meet the criteria. Not rich. Not good-looking. Not famous. Not working for a large company. Not giving them ‘Like’ on Facebook. And so on and on. Their evaluation is almost always inconsistent and makes us confused. Above all, it’s not the purpose of our life to meet their criteria.

When we start doing something, we cannot be somebody from the very beginning. Who cared Google in 1998, when they were just one of 20+ search engines existing on the Internet? Who thought of Facebook as something in 2005, when it was a networking site only for college students?

Don’t be afraid of being nothing. Enjoy being ignored. That’s the beauty of getting something started. Do whatever you can do to be better. Keep doing. Until you become ‘too good to ignore’. And see what happens.

After all, you are the only person who can prove yourself and make yourself remarkable. Social norm won’t help you make that happen.


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