Doodle Card #114 – High And Low Lie Side-by-side

High and low lie side-by-side.


High and low lie side-by-side.


Things you are good at don’t always make you happy.

A quarter-century ago, I was very good at accounting and finance. I thought that handling numbers was second nature to me. It helped me make a six figure salary in my twenties.

But there was a problem.

Early in my thirties, I realized that I don’t like accounting and finance. I gradually disliked them while working really hard on my job. That gave me chronic migraine. I often got sick. I was cheating myself.

We sometimes get trapped by the things that we’re very good at AND that people want us to do. These things give us great opportunities. But if we don’t like doing what we are good at, it can make us sick — and might kill us someday.

If you can’t find a way to love what you are good at, start doing what you love. While things you are good at are making money for you, do whatever you can do to be good at things you love. Find people who want or need what you love doing. Then you can get out of the trap.

’Love what you do’ — this cliche can save your life.


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