Doodle Card #92 – If You Have To Be Somebody, Choose Yourself


If you have to be somebody, choose yourself.


29 years.

I stayed away from drawing since I was a freshman in high school. The art teacher criticized me for not following his instructions. Very badly.

How come I should listen to what the old guy —who knows nothing about me— says to express what I want to express? Why should I be blamed so badly in front of other students?

That was the time I threw away what I was passionate about from childhood. No drawing since then.

Back to the present…

I failed a lot of things. I lost many things. I thought I was a failure. I almost killed myself.

Then I realized, what the heck? Forget about what others say or think. Do what I am passionate about before completely giving up on my life. And see what happens.

I chose myself. I allowed me to draw again. 29 years after I was humiliated at the art class. And I started sharing my doodles with the world.

My life starts changing since then. I might be still far from “success” in the traditional terms, but I am no longer a failure.

Because I decided to choose myself.


One thought on “Doodle Card #92 – If You Have To Be Somebody, Choose Yourself

  1. Great article. Passionnate and do not listen to others
    Build yourself with your own rules
    Be happy then make people happy

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