Doodle Card #104 – Make Yourself Uncomfortable

Make yourself uncomfortable.


Make yourself uncomfortable.


“But you were a number guy.”

My ex-coworker texted me. He saw my doodles on Instagram. For him, it is extremely strange that I — who used to be a Finance Director of a company — enjoy drawing and share my doodles with the world.

We label people. We invent a narrative around a person. This is how our brain gets lazy; our labeling and narrative help our brain identify things easily and prevent it from suffering a burnout. They also can make us dumb because the system of our brain can easily keep us from finding new things and exploring new opportunities.

Our perception can be wrong. At any time. Especially in the Internet era – everything can change quickly. We can reinvent ourselves by making the best use of countless learning resources on the Internet.

Even when your perception is wrong, that doesn’t mean you are wrong. It’s not about your personality. It’s about your possibility.

Enjoy the situation that forces you to change your labeling and narrative. It gives you a great opportunity to broaden your horizons.


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