Doodle Card #130 – Embrace Your Biased View

Embrace your biased view.


Embrace your biased view.


When people say something about me, it is always a bad thing.

It is a biased view, but I realized that it exists in my subconscious mind when I woke up during the night on the other day.

I know where it came from. At one of the companies I worked before, people talk about bad things of others more than good things. People often make fun of others and rarely appreciate what others did. As you can easily imagine, people kept leaving from the company. Especially good ones.

This biased view was, and perhaps still is, the way to protect myself. If I believed that people always say bad things about me, I wouldn’t be shocked even when it happens. If I had no expectation, nothing would hurt my feeling.

Is this a victim’s mindset? Probably it is. The good thing is that, since I’ve already noticed this perception, it can be changed.

Finding unfavorable perceptions is not a bad thing, although it can be a tough experience. Once we know them, we can change them. We don’t need to deny them — even if they seem inappropriate now, these perceptions might have helped us a lot in the past.


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