Doodle Card #122 – Observe The Context Around You

Observe the context around you.


Observe the context around you.


In business, people just don’t always talk about the facts. They often talk about part of them in an indirect way.

If your boss says to you, “Can you please show me your presentation before submitting it to our big boss? I think I can help you on that”, you might expect your boss to make your presentation much better. And that might be true in a sense. But in many cases, your boss is also keen to check if you don’t screw up and wants to make himself or herself look good from your big boss.

You shouldn’t take it personal, like “Oh my boss doesn’t trust me”. Because your boss is not lying. It’s about the context your boss is in. Or the context your boss wants to live with.

You are just part of their context. Observe and understand what it is. Then figure out how you work on it.

It doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice yourself. Just enjoy the situation. Try an improvisation when you can. See closely how other people act around you. It gives you a lot of insights to better understand why people say what they are saying and why people do what they are doing.

In business, you always need to play a certain role. Enjoy the play and utilize the experience to make you a better person.


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