Doodle Card #144 – Revisit Your Roots

Revisit your roots.


Revisit your roots.


September 27.

9 years ago, my father passed away on this date. My mother was not at his bedside because she was in another hospital. She couldn’t come to father’s funeral since she was unable to move at all due to her disease. I didn’t know what she thought of his death because she was unable to speak as well.

My parents often fought with each other since my childhood. I had more bad memories of my parents than good ones. I often thought why they were my parents.

We all have a story to tell about the relationship with our parents. Good or bad. Dramatic or boring. Peaceful or hostile. No matter what our perceptions are, the fact is that we weren’t born in this world if we didn’t have biological parents. All we need to do is accept the fact, appreciate that we are here, move on and see what we can do about it.

I cannot do anything about the relationship with my parents any more because both of them already passed away. But twice a year — today and February 16, the date my mother passed away — I revisit my perceptions about my parents and try to convert negative ones into positive ones.

I’m still moving on and figuring out what I can do for my parents.


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