Doodle Card #139 – Start From Giving


Start from giving.


“Always be giving” — we have to be careful about this concept.

Especially when a businessperson says this. Is that businessperson also ALWAYS giving? Of course NOT. If he doesn’t take any money from his customers or clients, his business will go bust.

So saying “always be giving” can be a brainwashing — to make people around him impressed, to make them supportive and to have them do something for him. For free or at insanely lower price. Because it’s all about “always be giving”.

However — it is always good to START from giving. Help others voluntarily or give something they want. And let reciprocity work for you — this is the social psychology we need to utilize.

There are people who always take something from others. But more than those, there are many people who appreciate what you do for them and will do something for you in return.

If we start from giving, we will eventually take back enough. But don’t expect it to happen. Just focus on figuring out what people around you really want.


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