Doodle Card #137 – When You Get Ignored, You Get A New Opportunity


When you get ignored, you get a new opportunity.


“The world is small”. This is one of the misperceptions that can lead us to unhappiness.

This world is insanely big. We are unable to face and say hello to all of the 7.4+ billion people on this planet. We are unable to visit all the places on the earth. We have no idea what happens in the deep ocean.

The world becomes small only when we see it that way. There are pros and cons about this perception — thanks to the Internet, it’s much easier for us to connect with people around the world. It’s also much easier for us, if we forget the connectivity, to feel isolated from or feel inferior to other people in the flood of information.

This world is big enough to explore your potential. If someone ignores you, meet other person. If someone doesn’t like your work, show it to other people while doing your best to improve it. Keep doing so until someone gets interested in you and loves your work.

It’s not the end of the world even if you are ignored by one (or even thousands) of 7.4+ billion people. You are just liberated from a small world. Just keep moving forward.


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