Doodle Card #135 – Your Belief Is Not Karma


Your belief is not karma.


The company doesn’t need you.

If you work for a large company, this is the perspective you might have. Because it is the large company all about — the company is able to continue to operate without relying upon a certain individual, even the president or CEO.

It is up to you to believe this perspective or not. If you want to believe that the company definitely needs you, live with the belief. But you also need to recognize that there are people who think of any individuals in the organization as a replaceable resource. They run businesses and daily operations with a different mindset. Also, beware of people who believe that the company need them and that other people are replaceable — they can be the most difficult person to deal with.

No matter what it is, don’t be blinded by our own belief. Because our belief is not the truth for everybody. And vice versa — belief of others is not the truth for us.

If we forget that, working for a large company becomes very stressful. Because the company doesn’t need us anyway. Scrap and rebuild our belief when needed.


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