Doodle Card #172 – Go Back To Basics To Advance

Go back to basics to advance.


Go back to basics to advance.


No matter how successful you are in your career, you will hit a plateau at some point. Especially when you work really hard. It is unavoidable.

Plateau itself is not a bad thing – it doesn’t mean that you do something wrong or have no chance to grow further. It just tells you where you are now. Most of the time, in order to make progress from there to the next, what you need is to go back to basics — not to learn advanced skill or knowledge.

There might be something that you think you know, but you might not be able to do it well as you think. You might have forgotten some basic skills because your current role does not require them. Or, even if you are well equipped with various professional skills, you might have a huge room for improvement in cultivating a rich humanity — it is THE basic required for any kind of successful life.

When we assume we know nothing, we create a big window of opportunity ourselves.


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