Doodle Card #176 – Miss Out On Many Things To Choose What Matters

Miss out on many things to choose what matters.


Miss out on many things to choose what matters.


Fear of missing out (FOMO) has been overvalued these days.

From a worldwide view, there are billions of interesting people and opportunities out there. Thousands of new books are published every day. A new blog, podcast or media is born every single hour. Zillions of content are uploaded to the Internet every single minute.

We are unable to enjoy all of them every day because we have ‘only’ 24 hours — it’s long enough to do something meaningful, but too short to just consume these content (junk included).

There are millions of people and companies who emphasize the value of the opportunity they are providing. They are trying to make us feel like we would miss out on something if we wouldn’t choose what they provide.

But that’s a delusion. In almost all cases, our life is not going to be worse even if we don’t choose these opportunities. In fact our life and business can be better by not choosing them — because we can protect our time to think thoroughly what matters most to us.

Living our life is to miss out on almost all opportunities and to choose only a few of them. It’s not about countless opportunities we are missing — it’s about what we consciously choose out of them.

So when you’re in doubt or feeling FOMO, ask yourself this question:

Am I willing to choose what matters most to my life? If so, what is that?


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