Doodle Card #164 – Movement Creates Motivation

Movement creates motivation.


Movement creates motivation.


“How do you motivate yourself to create something every day?” Someone asked me. Currently I don’t do anything special – because it’s a habit.

You don’t have to motivate yourself to wash your face, brush your teeth or take a shower (or a bath). Well, some people might have to be pushed to do so — but we usually do these things almost ‘on autopilot.’ This is the power of habit. While bad habits can kill you, good habits can take you far higher than you might expect.

When we feel stuck, it is almost always better to just do things than to try to find or foster motivation. The origin of the word ‘motivation’ is ‘to move’. Just keep moving forward — it will give us motivation and eventually create a habit that can make a huge difference in our life and business.


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