Doodle Card #174 – See The Things As It Is

See the things as it is.


See the things as it is.


All business owners should learn how to draw so as to improve their judgment.

Why drawing? To draw something accurately, we have to closely examine it — without any prejudgment or biased perception. People often say that they are ‘not good’ at drawing, and it usually means that what they draw is far different from what the object really is. That’s because they are NOT free from such preconceptions while drawing: they are drawing based upon their prejudgements, not the object in front of them.

This kind of perceptual difference also occurs when we use ‘icons’ — a simplified, abstract drawing — in communication. Since such icons are different from what it actually is, people apply their own preconception to the icons. For example, someone draws an icon of a normal building, but others may see it as an intimidating, high-rise building.

Learning to draw forces you to use your brain differently. You have to recognize your prejudgment and let it go in order to draw the object as it is. And if you are a business owner, this practice — letting your prejudgment go — helps you observe a situation of your business (as well as yourself) clearly and make a better judgment.

Learning to draw improves the function of our brain, and it’s worth spending our time. Because what we think in our brain becomes our business.


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