Doodle Card #205 – Build Your Own Road

Build your own road.


Build your own road.


People would say, “Life is a long and winding road.” But who knows?

We just don’t know how our life is going to be. There is no GPS for our life; if there were, it was made by someone else trying to navigate you to where they want you to go. Banking, insurance, recruitment, books and information products — we can see many examples of such manipulation on TV commercials or web advertisements.

Our life is all about building a road for our own sake. Other people might think of the road as their ideal, but we better not force them to follow — it’s their choice, and they are also on the way to build their own road. They can (and most of the time, will) take a different path at some point along the way.

Don’t blindly follow the road someone built, or the ones that any social norms told you to follow. You are the only person who know where you want to go.


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