Doodle Card #191 – Draw & Show Your Vision

Draw & show your vision.


Draw & show your vision.


How exactly can you describe what you’re aiming at?

In Japan there is an old saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” It means that you will miss the whole picture if you focus too much on detail.

But what is the ‘whole picture’? If we can’t explain what it is, it turns out that we actually don’t see anything — it’s worse than focusing only on detail.

No matter what we focus on — the whole picture or detail — the important thing is to show people what it is. Our life and business goals. Vision and mission of our business. Projects we’re working on or interested in. By showing them clearly, we will be able to persuade people to collaborate or find someone who helps us move toward them.

If you can’t describe well, draw a picture. Or diagram. Create something to show people. Your words will follow.


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