Doodle Card #212 – Break Down Your Boundaries

Break down your boundaries.


Break down your boundaries.


The question like “What do you do for living?” can be very peculiar at times.

On the other day, I was called a “Business consultant and graphic artist.” While I enjoyed the mismatch between these two titles, I wondered why people tend to put a narrow definition on others — as well as themselves.

Our life has no clear-cut boundary. We can be anything — like a jigsaw puzzle without the edge pieces. Our life is like assembling pieces without knowing the end. The same applies to any business — we have to keep changing the shape of our business to compete, survive, and deliver more value to our customers.

If you think you have a clear picture of what you are going to be, reflect where it comes from. It might be implanted by someone else — along with a narrow definition on yourself. Even if it comes from deep inside you, don’t even believe it remains unchanged — because it will change as you grow as a human and businessperson.

It doesn’t matter how people describe or define you. It is up to you to define and describe yourself. And only the value you deliver to this world matters.


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