Doodle Card #214 – Challenge The Obvious

Challenge the obvious.


Challenge the obvious.


Asking “why” is easy yet very powerful. Even 6-years-old kids can use the word like a weapon. However, gaining insight from the answer to the “why” question is not easy.

In this world, there are thousands of things that are considered as obvious. But many of them are not — they are only the perception that currently dominates this world.

We often face situation where we need to challenge the obvious — to live well, make our life or work better, or (maybe every once in a while) save the world. Of course it is not easy — we also need to gain insight on why people consider these things as obvious. We just can’t keep asking “why” like a kid.

So when challenging, be well prepared — learn the subject in advance as much as possible. Pretend as if you knew nothing, be humble, and ask many “why” questions. See how the opponent reacts to the questions. Examine the answers. You might be able to — in many cases, will — find cracks in the obvious.


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