Doodle Card #226 – Create Your Own Luck


Create your own luck.


Anything can make us feel lucky. But it’s just the beginning.

Of course, feeling lucky is different from being lucky. You would lose tons of money if you just felt lucky in Las Vegas.

Luck is a residue of the right attitude, preparation and hard work. Feeling lucky is the first thing — that is the right attitude we need to have to create our own luck.

I’ve been having a cold since last week. Some people may see this a bad luck. But I just don’t lie down on the bed — taking this opportunity, I’m learning Adobe Illustrator so that I can create digital drawings from now on. I’m not sure if it gives me luck in the future — let’s see whether my hard work will work out or not.

Anything can be an opportunity. Our luck doesn’t make us lucky; we make ourselves lucky by creating our own luck. Because we are the master of our fate.


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