Doodle Card #248 – Get Back To Your Life


Get back to your life.


More than ten years ago, I worked for 4000 hours per year, and people said that I lived to work. But even at that time, working for a company was always secondary to my own life. I always worked to live my life — although my effort was not successful while I was employed.

Now that I’m self-employed and work almost every day — in fact I don’t think I am ‘working’ every day. I just focus on creating something valuable, solving a problem, and helping others. Although I get paid for what I do, it seems like that the concept of ‘work’ has been fully dissolved in my life.

No matter what the focus of your life is, live with it 24/7. Don’t let others decide what you focus on. Don’t allow others to interfere in your own life. If you did, you will end up with regrets — that you should not live with.