Doodle Card #251 – Love Supersedes All Negative Feelings


Love supersedes all negative feelings.


It often seems impossible to let go of our feelings of hate.

I have to admit that I still hate dozens of people who treated me unfairly in the past — both in the workplace and in my private life. But the worst problem of the feeling of hatred is that, it loses our mind and prevents us from focusing on the present moment. It almost always causes more serious problems and damages to our life — than the hatred itself.

Although we can’t always let go of such hatred, our mind always have much stronger feelings that supersede it: Love and compassion. Even when you don’t feel like you have them, they certainly exist within you — your feeling of hatred just keeps you from recognizing them. Once you recognize them, you can grow them gradually.

Love and compassion are not for the sake of the people who are cruel to you; First and foremost, these are to protect yourself from cruelties of others — and your own. They are like your ship; The bigger and stronger they get, the safer you can sail on the sea. And every once in a while, you might be able to save someone from the sea of hatred.