Doodle Card #245 – Nothing Worth Doing Ever Comes Easy


Nothing worth doing ever comes easy.


One of my friends referred my daily doodle as “an illustration poem.” I never thought of myself as a poet — but the origin of the word ‘poet’ is the Greek word meaning ‘create.’ I like it.

No matter what my work is called, this daily creative pursuit is worth doing every day. It gives me a new perspective, makes me a bit more self-disciplined, and allows me to explore the things I still don’t know well.

Facing our own ignorance makes us nervous, but that’s one of the effective way to find our room for learning more and further growth.

The key is to do it yourself — if other people pointed out your ignorance, your ego would create millions of reasons to justify yourself and prevent you from taking effective action. Do whatever you can do to avoid being on an ego trip.