Doodle Card #267 – Thank Yourself Now


Thank yourself now.


When you have a new day, thank yourself first.

It’s an opportunity. You might not have done things well so far, but now you have another chance.

It’s a challenge. You might have already achieved a lot, but now you get to try a new thing.

It’s a chance to have compassion for others. Someone might have insulted you, but now you can forgive — let go of your negative feelings about — that person.

We can do these things because we are still alive and capable of doing something meaningful to ourselves. And doing so will make us grow further.

Don’t beat yourself up, especially if you often do so. Making you feel inferior wouldn’t help you at all — and it just makes you feel that every single day is a burden, not a gift.

Thank ourselves now, and let’s make the most of the day.