Doodle Card #258 – Trust Makes Things Better


Trust makes things better.


Tragicomedy in a workplace often happens when everyone is eager to get credit.

I worked in such a circumstance once. People in the company were keen to find a problem — especially a problem that other person created — and fix it. That’s the battle they fight every day. They desperately wanted to make them look good by winning the battle — oftentimes by making someone else look bad. Funny enough, they also made up a problem that doesn’t exist so as to make someone else look bad. It is like an argument from ignorance, or argument from personal incredulity — if someone else can’t prove that they always do the right things, he or she is considered doing something wrong. Of course this kind of fallacy never creates a collaborative attitude in a workplace.

When we doubt someone, it is better to doubt ourselves first — because our doubt can often be based upon our personal thoughts, not a concrete evidence. And it is always better to trust someone than to doubt someone. Trusting someone in a workplace does not mean we blindly leave everything to them; It means we give people rules and boundaries, and let them play within.

When people feel a sense of control and ownership — even though they just do things within the playground we created for them — they will fully engage in their job. We have to be wise enough to make the most of people’s potential. Doubt never help us achieve that.