Doodle Card #242 – Your Action Tells Us Everything


Your action tells us everything.


I don’t know the recipe for big success, but I know the recipe for disaster: not taking action.

We often see people who complain about others or their situation. In fact, I did the same until several years ago. These people are also good at creating plausible reasons why they are so miserable. And at the bottom of their heart, they think they are right — they believe others or their situation need to change. The fact is, they are just trying to justify for their inaction.

When we truly believe we need to change, we neither complain nor talk; we just take action. Then take another action based upon the result of the previous action. We keep taking action until we think we become what we want to be. Or until we believe we change our situation as we wanted.

We’ll never be ready for the next step if we don’t take action. Other people or our situation won’t make us ready either. Only our action will make us ready and take us to the next opportunity.

Complaining is a sign of being passive. Stop complaining what happens to you — just make things happen by taking action.