Doodle Card #244 – Your Chance Is Infinite


Your chance is infinite.


No one wants to feel uncomfortable. But getting uncomfortable often leads us to the next level.

My first experiment of this year is to practice coloring my doodle and sketch using Adobe Illustrator. And the second one is — I’m doing these two experiments simultaneously — to participate design contests at cloud sourcing services as a graphic designer.

Am I a graphic designer? I never got that job before. I’m running a tiny business consulting firm now. People who see my CV would never hire me as a graphic designer.

Working as a graphic designer often makes me feel weird. But I give it a try anyway. At this exact moment, it’s just a short-term experiment – although I’m working on it very seriously – that will give me new perspective, knowledge and experience.

I still don’t know yet what I can become during the rest of my life. And the same applies to you. There is no reason to stay within our comfort zone.