Doodle Card #284 – Be An Outlier


Be an outlier.


As long as we live, we better be an outlier than a follower.

When I worked for a company as an accountant — which is often considered as one of the least creative jobs — I was always looking for a new, innovative way of doing my tasks. My ex-bosses didn’t like my creativity; they always expected me to do things in a certain way. In other words, they wanted me to be like a machine — the thing they can easily handle with less maintenance.

Everything on this planet has a room for further improvement. Human history consists of continuous improvements in all areas. There is no need to feel envious of someone’s accomplishments — Each one of us has a chance to improve anything around us if we choose not to settle for status quo.

Being an outlier is the way to make our life more fulfilling, even though our names would not appear in the history books in the future.