Doodle Card #274 – Endurance Matters


Endurance matters.


Yesterday I heard one of Japanese professional wrestler said: “Your muscle and friends will not betray you.” I found his view very interesting, although I don’t fully agree with him.

Our friends would betray us, especially when we desperately need them. But our muscle — that is, the outcome of the weight training that requires your continuous effort and self-discipline for years — is something we can always rely on.

You might say, “Wait, dude. Our muscle can easily atrophy if we don’t use it, say for two weeks. How could it be something we can always count on?”

You’re right. Our muscle can easily atrophy. But the experience and confidence we gained through years of hard trainings are our intangible asset and will not easily disappear. Because of that, we can feel we can do it again — even when we lose everything, including our friends.

Don’t underestimate the value of what you have kept doing with an effort and patience. You can get stronger at every moment of every day, even while you do the job you don’t like.