Doodle Card #293 – Only Execution Counts


Only execution counts.


Making a plan makes you feel comfortable. Executing a plan makes you feel terrible.

That’s why many people take time to make a plan but never execute it. Their plan seems perfect on paper or in their brain, and they fall in love with it. But, at the very beginning of their execution phase, they notice that things in the real world are way different from what they thought in their plan. They would say, “Well, things shouldn’t be that way. Let me think again.” And they go back to planning.

Our plan is just a fantasy until we execute it. And there is no such thing as a perfect plan. Any plan has some kind of flaws, and only when we keep executing our plan, we can fix these flaws. If we go back to a planning phase—a fantasy world—we can’t change anything in the real world.

Stop living in a fantasy world. Make yourself uncomfortable by executing a plan. That’s the only way to change a fairy tale into a solid, actionable strategy.