Doodle Card #318 – Be Good & Avoid Evil


Be good & avoid evil.


This world is full of good and evil. While we often enjoy the good, the evil comes to us one after another.

The same applies to our business. Someone would call you useless in front of many people. People around you would talk about bad things of others who are not there. Your boss might tell you to forge a company paperwork or cook the book. Or your employee would steal company’s money or equipments.

We can choose to be good even when we are surrounded by the evil. If you choose to be good, the evil might harass you. But always remember that NOT becoming evil is a big win. Removing the evil is a big win. Staying away from the evil is also a big win, even though you might feel you are beaten by them. In the end, they will need to pay a price for being evil—which can be extremely big.