Doodle Card #310 – Deliver Your Content


Deliver your content.


Some people are busy creating. Some people are busy stealing.

On Instagram and other social media, there are many accounts that steal other’s content. I use the word “steal” because these accounts don’t make the source clear. They have no respect for creators and use other’s content to increase traffic to their own account.

These thieves may say, “Well, I steal like an artist.” No, they just get lazy and steal other’s work. An artist “steals” an idea of others and transform it into his/her original work. The ability to do such transformation is what makes the difference between an artist and a thief.

Every day I’m busy creating stuff: solutions to client’s problems, simple ways to understanding the complicate, designs and graphics that stimulate our mind and brain. I believe you’re also busy creating your own work. We all are too creative to do content theft.