Doodle Card #313 – Persevere In A Better Way


Persevere in a better way.


Many people consider perseverance as a virtue. But perseverance also kills us—literally—if we use it in a wrong way.

For example, working long hours is often considered perseverance. If we occasionally work long hours to get urgent things done or complete a project by its deadline, that’s fine. But if we have to work long hours for years or decades, it’s no longer perseverance. Something is wrong. You just don’t change the way you work, and you just wear yourself out. Probably your employer forces you to do so, because they think there are many replacements out there even if you burn out.

Don’t just persevere. Make a deliberate, continuous attempt to make things more efficient and effective. It’s not about how to cut corners; it’s about how we can make this world better.