Doodle Card #315 – Show Up & Tell


Show up and tell.


Now that the idea of selling things on the Internet might be for non-savvy people.

Later in 1990s, the Internet was the revolutionary way of selling things. Smart people loved that idea, and innovators and early adopters eagerly bought things on the Internet.

Twenty years later, the Internet is so crowded and mixture of the brilliant and the mediocre. The majority is the latter. Online marketers are keen to sell their “solutions” to sell effectively on the Internet, without giving assurance about the outcome, because they also desperately struggle with selling their things.

Contrary to common belief, nowadays it’s often more effective and efficient to sell things or services offline rather than online. Face-to-face approach still works. A trust-building dialogue is crucial. Location still do matters. Merchants with a physical presence have many opportunities now, although they don’t always make the most of them.

Reconsider opening your online store by using a free service. Zillions of similar stores already exist. Stop creating and uploading sappy YouTube videos, because almost no one would watch.

Instead, go outside. Show your product to someone, and see how they respond. Or provide someone with your service for free, and ask their feedback. Takeaways from those offline experiences is indispensable, regardless whether your business goes online or not.