Doodle Card #311 – Watch Closely


Watch closely.


Many people sell how-tos because many people want those how-tos.

Learning how to do a certain thing is much easier than figuring out WHY we do that thing. Get rich quick. Be a writer. Get your dream job. These catchy tag lines seem to be effective to sell how-tos, but those slogans won’t give you a strong WHY.

I used to spend tons of money on how-to information. What I learned from them is that, those how-tos are completely useless if I don’t have a strong WHY. And not a few how-to sellers don’t let us think about our own WHY so that they can keep selling their how-tos.

Figuring out WHY deep inside us is not easy. It often makes us quite uncomfortable. But unless we find our own WHY, we are quite vulnerable to marketing gimmicks of how-to products.

When you feel a strong temptation to buy how-to information, figure out why you need that information. Ask why several times to dig deeply into yourself. You might find you just get scared doing things in the way you think is right. Once you accept that, you would notice that buying how-to information is not the only option.