Doodle Card #340 – What Motivates You?


What motivates you?


What motivates you? It’s not one of the boring questions at a job interview. It’s about how we live.

Until several years ago, revenge was the strongest motivational factor in my life. It turned out that my desire for revenge didn’t create anything meaningful to anybody—including myself. It also made me realize that the desire would not last long once I start doing something bigger than my feelings or emotions. Now that I don’t even recall the face of the person whom I wanted to revenge on. I don’t deny that revenge can be a source of motivation to do or create something good; It just didn’t work for me.

Finding a source of motivation is not difficult, but knowing how it works in our life often takes time. We have to be honest with ourselves, keep asking “what motivates me” question, and try many factors to see how they work for us. Unlike a job interview, no one gives you a strange look even if you say “money motivates me.”