Doodle Card #360 – 10 Ways to Awaken Your Genius


I strongly believe that everyone is a born genius. But not everyone uses their genius in their life, and many of them end their life without noticing it.

The biggest reason is that, many things around us—for example, social norm, other’s belief and fear—implant false beliefs into our brain: we are not good enough. Or we are not as good as this person, that person, or that legendary figure. Current education system in many countries seems to provoke this misunderstanding, instead of reducing it.

I want to inspire people to unleash their brain power. Because I believe that’s the best way to release everyone’s genius from an unseen cage. I’ll keep working on this mission for the rest of my life. I might not be able to fully realize my vision while I’m alive, but I’ll keep planting seeds—LOTS OF seeds—for future.