Doodle Card #371 – Pace Yourself


Pace yourself.


Life is not a marathon.

When we run a marathon, we run the same course that someone determined in advance, and compete with each other in time. There is only one goal for all runners, and when we reach the goal, the race is over.

Our life is completely different. There is no pre-determined course that someone created for us. None of us runs exactly the same course as someone else does. We sometimes compete with each other during our life, but soon we come to realize that the competition doesn’t mean anything because each of us has a different path. We have multiple goals in our life, but when we reach the goals, we only come to realize that these are just milestones. Our life continues until we die.

Our life and a marathon have only one thing in common; we keep moving towards the end. As far as we keep moving, we might as well have fun with it.