Doodle Card #400 – Have A Backup Plan


Have a backup plan.


We should not rely on social media in the first place.

My wife’s Instagram account for her business was deleted yesterday. Since she neither deleted it herself nor violated Instagram’s terms and conditions, there are only two possibilities: the account was hacked, or Instagram deleted her account because someone falsely reported her account for abuse or spam. The latter might seem weird, but on the Internet there are people who love destroying someone’s social media account.

Luckily, she just created the account about 10 days ago, had less than 100 followers, and has had all backup of her content. It’s not so difficult to get back up.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. If you are a creator and post your works on social media, it’s better to post the same content on your own website. Ask your followers to visit your website and ask them to leave their email address so that you can contact them even if your social media account is deleted.

Never forget that social media companies will not protect us. They just need the ‘crowd’ that looks attractive to advertisers.