Doodle Card #451 – Get To The Point


Get to the point.


At some point in our life, there is a time to scrap existing beliefs and rebuild new ones from scratch—especially when running a business.

In a business situation, numbers matter. Without monitoring key metrics, you can’t make your business grow. But some people are just keen to do what they want to do, not what they ought to do, and tend to forget their numbers. Their business will never be successful.

If no one visits your website, there is something to work on. If your customers don’t come back, you have something to improve. If your revenue does not hit your target, you’ve got to do many things—including things you don’t want to do—to turn the situation around.

Don’t just do what you love. Do what you love and MAKE MONEY. To make money, know what your customers want, then figure out how you can fulfill their needs by doing what you love.

In a business world, a customer need always comes first. Doing what you love is the second. The opposite will never work.