Doodle Card #475 – Be Likable


Be likable.


It’s hard to sell something—products, services, or ideas for example—to someone else if you are not likable.

In my childhood, I thought I was not a likable person because I was not a handsome guy. How silly I was. Being likable does not mean that you have to be good-looking. There are millions of unpleasant people who are good-looking, as you might already know some of them.

The first step to being a likable person is to like yourself. If you don’t like yourself—or part of yourself—you have to conquer the feeling of self-disgust before trying to be likable.

There is no other person like you. You are the only one. Embrace who you are and how you are. Even if people around you don’t like you, don’t hate yourself; somewhere on this planet, there are thousands of people who will like you.