Doodle Card #481 – Price Yourself Right


Price yourself right.


No one gives you the right price—whether you are employed or running a business. People often underestimate you or try to devalue you.

You are the only person who can set a right price for your work, product, or service. To do so, you’ve got to know what your value is, what other people are offering and what your employer or customer desperately needs. If you miss any of them, your pricing strategy will never work.

Occasionally, people overestimate you and give you a higher price than you think you deserve. Don’t turn it down—take it and do your best work. If people satisfy with your output, you prove that your self-worth was much lower than your value. Even when your work doesn’t meet their expectation, it just means that you still have room for further improvement. Either way, you learn something valuable while getting paid.