Doodle Card #497 – Respond Quick


Respond quick.


If you don’t respond quickly to anything—or don’t respond at all—that’s also a response. That shows your indecisiveness, inefficiency or arrogance, depending on the situation. No matter how it is described, it’s weakness—and it can be a significant disadvantage if you are in business.

Thanks to advanced technologies, many people use various messenger apps and consider ‘quick response’ as a new standard. They don’t even think they respond ‘quick’ because it’s quite normal for them to reply right after they get a message.

These people are your customers. They have little tolerance for a slow response. If you don’t respond to them in a ‘timely’ manner, you might lose them—forever.

The same can be applied to your personal relationship. No matter what you use for communicating with others—email, messenger apps, or a carrier pigeon—as far as you communicate, you might as well respond quick.