Doodle Card #500 – So Long


So long.


This is my five-hundredth Doodle Card. And as I mentioned before, this is my ‘last’ Doodle Card.

Since I created the first Doodle Card in May 2016, creating something every morning literally saved my life. I hated myself more than anyone else and lived in the past at that time—my mind was full of regret about my decisions and resentment against the people who insulted me. But, as I continued doodling, I began to notice that I still have the power to create something from scratch and change this world—even if it’s a tiny fraction of it. I was like, “well, then, why don’t I change my thoughts, beliefs, and entire life?” And I did change.

I will keep creating things every day. I just stop creating Doodle Card as I have been doing for last 17 months. My two characters, Small One and Sticky, will never disappear. We’ll see you when we see you.