Doodle Card #97 – Avoid Brainwashers

Avoid brainwashers.


Avoid brainwashers.


I spent more than 50k dollars for self-development programs. The majority of them are a con. That’s what I learned.

There are millions of people and companies that try to brainwash us in this world. They say, use this. Eat this. Read this. Believe this. Join a community. Get rich quick. And they try to get paid.

The problem is, while some of them do this with good intensions, the others don’t. We need to distinguish saviors from fakers.

This takes practice. Being deceived is one of the most effective ways to learn how fakers are. But don’t spend too much money. Start small.

Every day, consider every single expenditure as an experiment. Check the cost and the benefit. Be mindful of the outcome of the spending. That tells you the truth.


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