Doodle Card #116 – Don’t Try To Be Right, Just Be Better

Don't try to be right, just be better.


Don’t try to be right, just be better.


“Am I wrong? Am I wrong?”

My old friend has an anonymous account on Twitter, and sometimes posts a tweet like this. He seems in the middle of a midlife crisis. I don’t follow his account — I don’t want to see him struggling that way.

Because I was like him for a long time. Even before my middle age. When I asked myself, “Am I wrong?”, I wanted to believe I was right. Sometimes I was, but most of the time, I wasn’t. I guess the same applies to my old friend.

However, the answer to that ‘am I wrong’ question differs depending upon how we define ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. And the definition of these two words slightly (sometimes largely) differs from person to person.

So why asking such a question in the first place? Chances are, there will be someone who thinks we are wrong, even when we believe we are right.

Accept that you cannot be always right even though you work really hard to be. No matter how old you are, admit that you still have a room for growth, improvement and learning new things.

Don’t get hung up on what is right or wrong. Change question.

“Am I getting better than yesterday?”



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